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Gluten Free Snacks Delivered Straight To Your Door

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How Silly Yak Snacks Works

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Pick Your Box Frequency & Type In Any Other Food Intolerances (Besides Gluten, Of Course!)

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Input The Address Where You'd Like Your Safe Snacks Delivered. (If It's A Gift, We Can Send A Note, Too!)


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Get Excited, Because Your Silly Yak Snacks Are On The Way. Most Boxes Ship On The Same Business Day.

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About Silly Yak Snacks

We Pack So You Can Safely Snack

Silly Yak Snacks was created by Rebecca Reyes, who was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2016.

We Send You The Best Gluten Free Snacks From Brands Like These

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Get A One-Time Box Or Subscribe & Save $3

Stop Getting Glutened

Gluten free people need good snacks, too. Like you, I have been frustrated trying to live a life on-the-go despite the challenges of being gluten- free. One thing I've learned over the years of having Celiac Disease is this; preparedness is key. At Silly Yak Snacks, we do all of the research about what's inside your snack box. Every snack we send is either Certified Gluten- Free or made in a dedicated facility and Silly Yak Approved. We pack safe snacks so you'll never be glutened at snack time again.

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Amanda B., UT

" I used to spend so much time shopping for gluten free snacks, now I don't have to. I love not having to research what to buy and read every food label to make sure it's really gluten-free. I loved my first snack box, and everything inside was actually gluten- free!"

Jen C., MO

"My daughter (15) loves getting her Silly Yak Snack Box in the mail. She loves having her own box of safe, gluten free snacks that are just for her. There are always a lot of new things inside for her to try that we would not be able to find at our local grocery store. "

Alyssa B., TX

"This package is AWESOME!!!! I’m having to hide it from my gluten loving son who already gets his own snack crate each month. So excited to try it ALL!"
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Stop Getting Glutened 

Enjoy Safe Snacks

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Save Time On Research

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Avoid Hanger

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