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Have a question before you order? Check out these frequently asked questions about our gluten free snack boxes.

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  • What makes Silly Yak Snacks subscription boxes different from all the other gluten free subscription snack boxes out there?
    Silly Yak Snacks is founded and run by Rebecca Reyes- who was Celiac-diagnosed in 2016. Unlike other subscription snack box companies, we do not and will never send you snacks that are not safe for Celiacs. Some snacks are self- labeled as "Gluten Free" by the company, but when you turn the package over and read the ingredient list, it states "May Contain Gluten". (RX Bars are an example of this). Every item that you will receive in your monthly gluten free subscription snack box is definitely gluten free and Celiac-safe. Most of the snacks are certified gluten free, but we make exceptions for snacks/ brands that do not pay for this label if they have no risk of cross contamination and/or they have dedicated gluten free facilities. Rebecca packs all snack boxes herself, and each one is customizable for your own dietary needs.
  • Can I subscribe to a box every other month instead of every single month?
    Yes, you can order a bi-monthly gluten free snack box instead of receiving one every month. We have a separate checkout page for that. If you choose to order the bi-monthly gluten free snack box, your box will ship on the same or next business day that you order. Your next box will ship on the same date two months later.
  • How long does it take for a snack box to arrive?
    All gluten free snack boxes are shipped within 1 business day of when you order. We mail our snack boxes through either USPS Parcel Select Ground or UPS and they typically arrive within 2-8 business days.
  • What ingredients do your snack boxes have in them?
    Every month there are different items in your snack box! But all of them are always 100% gluten free. If you have other food intolerances or allergies besides gluten, you can let us know when you order. We can make special accommodations for soy-free, oat-free, yeast-free, corn- free, egg-free, chickpea- free, or any other special diets (even keto, vegetarian, and vegan!) Please be as specific as possible when filling out your other food intolerances & allergies.
  • Can I cancel anytime?
    Yes, we have a no-hassle guarantee! You can cancel your monthly gluten free snack box subscription yourself at anytime. When you order, you will receive a link to manage your subscription via email. Keep this email for your records- but if you can't find it and want to cancel, just reach out on the Contact Us form or email Rebecca at sillyyaksnacks at gmail dot com. We will cancel your subscription with no hassle or explaination needed.
  • Where do the gluten free snack boxes ship out of?
    Every snack box ships out of sunny Oceanside, CA.
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