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Silly Yak Snacks

Silly Yak Snacks was created by a frustrated Celiac who really loves trying new gluten free snacks. Read below for a word from Rebecca Reyes, our Chief Yak. 


Hi! I'm Rebecca Reyes, creator of Silly Yak Snacks.

When I first stopped eating gluten five years ago, I felt so alone and confused. Figuring out what snacks I could still eat and then finding those safe options while on-the-go at my local grocery store or gas station proved to be a lot harder than it should be. I was too busy to look in a million different stores for good gluten free snacks, and it left me feeling hangry.

That's when it hit me, I can't be the only one having this problem. Gluten free people need good snacks, too. That's why we pack Silly Yak Snack Boxes. There's no need to stress out at the grocery store or spend hours analyzing labels making sure something is safe to eat. At Silly Yak Snacks, we pack so you can safely snack!

Each gluten free snack box contains a variety of 11-15 snacks that are Celiac- safe & Silly Yak Approved. We deliver straight to your door, so your snacks are ready for your on-the-go lifestyle. You'll never be stuck without a safe snack with Silly Yak Snacks!


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